more on Jack

I was writing about my brother yesterday. Just on the odd chance, I looked him up on the net.  He's there. Among his other interests,  science fiction was a strong contender for his time.and attention.  He actually wrote two short stories that he sold to Galaxy magazine.  They're still there!  I mean, they are there  under Galaxy as well as under his name, available as short e-reads from Amazon.  Amazing.  He would be so pleased.

Well, that's a kind of immortality, isn't it?  

The world-wide-web really is fantastic. Who needs to be a polymath these days if one has access to a computer (and WiFi)?   I have a friend who just discovered YouTube and he's spending all his time watching old I Love Lucy episodes and following his eclectic interests across cyberspace.  But oh, the time it takes.  I used to spend hours and hours playing computer solitaire games.  I made a vow when I got my latest one that I would not open a game, and I haven't, but there are other temptations and distractions to lure me on and away from work.  One must be strong.