going to ground

I am trying to go to ground. It's so long since I've used the expression, I thought i"d better look it  up to make sure of it.

Yes, it means to hide or become inaccessible.  Easier said than done living in a city with contacts, commitments and stuff.  Stuff just keeps on happening.  Where can I hide?  How can I become inaccessible?  

For one thing, I could stop writing my blog.  No, no, not that.  I have to do my HST/GST report this week.  Can't ignore that. A friend is having a birthday dinner for a neighbour. Have to go. My challenged son has a day off on Friday and I must go over  his clothes for spring and try to shovel out his room.  (He collects things, even things that are uncollectable.) Have to book a flight  while there is a sale on. Also book a VIA rail trip. Tickets for the theatre - that's next week.  Rexall 20% off for Seniors Day tomorrow. Deposit a couple of (small) cheques. Get cash for the cleaning lady who comes once a month and cleans the place whether it needs it or not.  Write some thank you letters. Send out a few more generic letters.  Prepare an application for a contest.  Finish writing an essay I began last week.  Write a new essay, unrelated, for another organization.  

Oh yes, make beef and barley soup and chill con tofu.

Well, now that I look at it, it's not a place to hide that I need. If I just sit back and shut my mind and ignore a few things/people, I'll be able to do it.  All I need is time.