a day without chocolate?

A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine. You've heard that before.  I have cited my four Major Food Groups elsewhere  but will repeat them: chocolate, champagne, broccoli  and garlic.  I am serious about chocolate.  I have a friend whose home is a veritable Fort Knox of chocolate, stock-piled everywhere.  She is very healthy  and probably one of the best-adjusted persons I know.  She doesn't owe it all to chocolate; she has a very nice husband, too.  

Years ago, doing research for an article I was writing, I discovered that the Crisis Centre gets more calls the day after Valentine's Day with an increase in migraine headaches, more than any other day in the year.  This up-tic of pain is blamed on cheese, red wine and chocolate, classic gifts for that occasion.  Of course, it could also be anxiety and depression caused by no gifts.  I wonder if they still have little mailboxes for the distribution of cards in classroom Valentine parties.  Maybe not, what with email and Jacquie Lawson.  But I still remember not receiving cards.  (I was a nerd: smart and fat, therefore unpopular.  We'll discuss bullying another time.) 

I'm still considering chocolate.  Such a blessed panacea, such a balm, so comforting, so delicious.  And now we are told it's good for us.  Such a bonus!  

I like chocolate bunnies better than real-live white ones. Your only problem with a chocolate one, as opposed to a furry one, is which part to eat first. With a furry one, you need either a litter box or a recipe.  There's a classic card showing a chocolate bunny with its ears bitten off who can't hear the greeting. 

The greeting is Happy Easter.