day of reckoning

Yesterday was the day of reckoning for my fiscal year.  Today is a day of reckoning in history for a huge number of people, so many it's beyond reckoning.  I read that there are more people living today than lived in entire recorded history.  That's a lot to think about. Whose eye is on the sparrow?  Well, yours, mine, and others', and we live in daily reckoning of each other.  That's also a lot, too much, to think about.  There's a hymn I partly remember because it seems to me to posit a science fiction world. 

"Every star shall sing a carol."  Something like that.  Ones with oxygen, anyway, and creatures to sing.  I just read in the paper yesterday that "they" have discovered a planet that might support an approximation of the kind of life as we know it on our planet Earth.  It's about 500  light years away.  That's a lot to think about.  Mind-boggling.

Anyway, this hymn goes on, as I remember, to a kind of acceptance: "God above, man below/Holy is the name I know." I think it's an acceptance of responsibility.  I am the eye. I am also the sparrow.  So are you, all of us. Above and below.  Inside and outside. 

And the day of reckoning is now, every day.  

Have a good one.