please all and you will please none

Remember the Aesop's Fable about the Man, the Boy and the Donkey?  A man and his son started out for market with the man riding the donkey and people jeered, saying he should let his son ride, so they switched. Then people mocked saying the boy should let his father ride, and they got confused. So they both got on the donkey and  then the criticism was that the poor donkey was overloaded with both of them on.  So they tied the donkey's feet together  and hung it on a pole that they carried on their shoulders. More mockery. As they crossed a river on a bridge the donkey kicked one of its feet loose, causing the boy to drop his end of the pole and the donkey fell into the water where it drowned because it was too hampered to swim.  

So I'm trying to plan a brunch  for next Sunday.  Usually I do things by myself but I've had offers of help and this is a busy week and it seemed like a good idea.  But the menu keeps changing according to what people want to bring and what they like to eat and now I don't know what I'm doing, and one of my friends is mad at me because I yelled at him online.  I hadn't realized that CAPS meant I was yelling. Is there a Chicago Book of Style for online writing?  Anyway, that's why I thought of the man, the boy and the donkey.  

No more help, please.