your choice

When my children were little I tried very hard to be a "good mother".  Current psychology then was that you should give your children as much choice as was safe for them.  Letting them choose for themselves was supposed to give them a feeling of power, of independence.  "Do you want to wear the white socks or the navy ones?  Would you like jelly or banana in your peanut butter sandwich?"  Like that.  So I was planning my oldest  child's eighth birthday party. (It might have been ninth.)  I asked her, would she like white or chocolate cake, pink or blue candles, what games would she like to play?  (Birthdays were much simpler then.)  She said, "You choose.  I'm still a kid.  You do it for me."  So much for psychology. 

Sometimes, I wish I were still a kid.  Every day I have to make choices and I don't always make wise ones.  Sometimes I wish someone would make a choice for me.