That's the third time I've written that and it's only 7:27 a.m.  I wrote it once in the change room for the sake of the city that has to know how many people swim each day to check the chemical levels of the pool. You have to sign in with date and time, and I'm always first so I note the new month.  I wrote it again on a new page in my diary, and tried to assess the new month, not sure how much I can get done, juggling not only time but NOISE (more anon).  And now, three, blog-time.

Where are you going and why are you here? (Sooner or later, we all ask those questions, some later, but as one gets older, they arise sooner and more often.)

Well, yes, those are tough questions but they keep getting blind-sided by whatever hits you that requires an immediate response.  Remind me: one of these days I will have to discuss pataphysics.  Oh, my, I can see bogging down in blog.  As I've said before, blog yesterday and blog tomorrow but never blog today.  

Time to go. Work to be done.