blogological booboos

More complaints, this time about prepositions, mainly.  I have a question (two, actually): when and where did these awful blunders begin?    Take "the both of you". That's horrible.  A simple "both of you" will do.  Apart from being unnnecessary and illogical, "the both of you" sounds  ugly and awkward. The same goes for "of" as in "it's not that big of a deal."  Just say "It's not that big a deal."  How hard is that?

I'm tired of it, tired of listening to gratuitous mistakes made like these where there is no reasonable,  viable, necessary alternative. Being bored is different from being tired.  It also takes a different preposition  Why do people say "bored of"?  Because they're thinking "tired of".  But one is bored with something,  not of something. Bored of sounds uncouth.

While I'm at it, and this has nothing to do with prepositions but a lot to do with being uncouth, unlettered, untrained, insensitive and annoying, stop saying "anyways".  

Anyway, that's my thought for the day.