what did you learn today?

You know that old joke: A little boy comes home from his first day at school and is greeted by his mother: "Light of my life, flower of my age, how was school, my baby?"  And the little boy said, "I learned my name is Marvin."

Yes, well, some times it's not that clear.  I find I often have a delayed reaction.  I've gone through a meeting, an event, whatever, and it's not till later that I assess it and have an aha! moment.  Oh, I see, that's what she meant.  Or, I realize that that person really doesn't like me.  (It's possible.)

The good news is that I don't react in a nasty way, because I haven't had time to assimilate and react.  I may seem stupid or passive but at least I'm peaceable. But at the end of the day, which is when I had to report to my father  - remember? to justify  my existence for the day? - at the end of the day, I take stock, as he did.  

What have I learned today?  Some times it's simple, like a better way to cut a red pepper. Other times it's more complicated, like mastering an Icelandic verb.  Now, that's hard!

 People are even harder.  You have to be careful.