My computer dictionary has a few words about procrastinate:

"fear of failure often causes people to procrastinatedelay, put off doing something, postpone action, defer action, be dilatory, use delaying tactics, stall, temporize, drag one's feet/heels, take one's time, play for time, play a waiting game."

I have more words, especially after yesterday.  i procrastinated ALL DAY.  At first it was very bad and I was beating myself  up and then whipping a dead horse and then taking bigger and bigger lateral steps.  And finally it turned into an almost good, fairly productive, non-guilt-inducing day. Procrastination can be very creative but you have to get out of the way and let it take over. 

I actually completed a few tasks I had been putting off even while I kept poking my mental tongue into the deep cavity of my void.  (Let no one think that staying at home and thinking is a safe, calming activity.)  But here's the pay-off.  Two separate thoughts about the work I wasn't doing actually coalesced and I woke this morning with a lead and possibly a new title.  

Let's hear it for procrastination!