I call it Daylight Losing Time.  Just when it begins to get a bit lighter for my early morning swim, I am plunged into darkness again.  It takes resolve to go and get wet in the dark first thing in the morning.  I get good marks for character building every day but I'd prefer to be  eased into the day lightly and brightly.  So I've had my swim and the day looks bleak but maybe it's still too early.

Anyway, February is gone and March is clear of distraction because Easter is late this year, clear, that is, for those of you who  are Christian or North American because the calendar still runs on Christian dates.  I love to see a block of uninterrupted time on my slate. It's comforting to look at a whole page-a-month calendar and mark boxes of time to use to good advantage. What does that mean, exactly?  Does one ever use time to bad advantage? I bet people with naggy little iPhones or Smart Ones (no, that's Weight Watchers), Smart Phones, I mean, or Androids or whatever - I bet they can't revel in the big blank spaces I love.  Don't fence me in.  Did you know that Cole Porter heard those words from someone and paid him for the use of them so he could write a song with that theme?  I call that respecting copyright, and I wish our government did. So far this year the new Copyright Law has cost me almost $2000.  The University of Toronto is gloating over the fact that they are saving 1.6 million dollars this year on copyright fees, money taken directly from writers' pockets.  Try charging janitors for brooms.

See, that's what Daylight Losing Time does to me.  Life looks bleak enough with cutting back on the light - NOT springing forward.