block that blog!

You haven't heard from me because SquareSpace was blocking my entry until I had signed their terms of agreement.  I had to get some advice before I signed because I didn't want to lose the copyright on my blogs. Not that my words are deathless, or even worth any money, but they are my words. The new Copyright Law passed by the Harper government has deprived writers of millions of dollars worth of income.  The University of Toronto, one of the major users of writers' material for students, used to pay out 1.6 million dollars every year to writers for the use of their words. This year, nada.  In individual personal terms, maybe it doesn't sound like much, but this year, I received one thousand dollars less from Payback, run by Access Canada, for use of some of my copyrighted material. It hurts. Maybe it explains why I'm in overdraft right now, and waiting hopefully and patiently for my Public Lending Right payment.

Anyway, I'm back and I'll start cruising soon. Lots to think about.