a sex blog

I just read about a woman writer in New York who wrote a play about an old lady writing a sex blog, and I thought,  I can do that. I'm an old lady and though I have a fading memory and I'm an amateur, I know something about sex. (Where did these italics come from and how do I get rid of them?)   First we'll start with something good for you, not that sex isn't good for you, but here's something you can use, if you're female and old like me.

Do sphinctre exercises. Wherever you are, sitting or standing or  lying down, simply contract and tighten your sphinctre. (My Spelchek is trying to correct me, but  I spell sphincter the way I spell theatre,Canadian spelling.)  It's very good for anyone who may be starting to leak a bit. I'm not talking incontinence, just a  little drip.  It has everything to do with sex, you see.  If you no longer have a significant other - male, that is - you have no one to practice on but you can do it yourself.  And it's quite pleasant.  And you don't have to undress for it.  Or use an appliance.

omorrow I'll deal with champagne, taken orally or applied topically.