When I was a girl my mother would get mad at me for taking so long with the dusting - or maybe never getting to it - because I was reading.  When I was a young mother I forced myself to give up reading for the sake of my babies so I wouldn't forget they were there.  It's an addiction, reading, but now there's no one to scold me except me. My plans for today have totally disintegrated because I've been reading.  I managed to make coriander pesto and mushroom soup, but I haven't done any work, have not completed my assignments for the day.  The author of the book which held me captive deserves to be mentioned. Wonderful writer, Michael Crummey, and the book is GALORE, with lots of awards and nominations.  Never mind them, it's a wonderful good read. I met Michael last year when I took a cruise, a circumnavigation of Newfoundland, because I wanted to see L'Anse aux Meadows, with Adventure Canada.  Michael was on staff, as a guide and expert about the Rock, as well as navigator/driver of a sightseeing boat (not sure if it was a Zodiac) for our land excursions. He's in his forties I think, but he looks 12, well, maybe 17.  And he is a wonderful writer, have I mentioned that?  So I'm late for my blog, too, but it's not my fault.