change of plan

Everything works until it doesn't and then what do you do? I started several hours ago to write my daily blog and found I was off-line. It has taken a while to get back on, not as long as it usually takes, but it put me off my schedule.  I'm not a rigorous nut about schedules but perhaps a little rigid on Mondays.  I have a lot of fiddles to attend to today and  I realized that most of them are dependent on wifi, the wire,  the electronic servant we all take for granted now. I realized long ago that I couldn't do all the work I do without that aid.  I guess it's the closest thing to a clone I'll ever have.  It's certainly not a personal executive assistant which I never, ever could afford, but it does a lot for me, and I take it for granted now until it's not there.  so - thank you.

Tomorrow I'll write the blog I was going to write today.