still in limbo

Halfway between then and tomorrow, I'm not sure what is going on with my projected trip of a lifetime.   More discoveries all the time, though.  Assuming or hoping that this trip is going to happen, I have ploughed my way through a huge catalogue of excursions, an assortment of several available at 89 ports of call. I have told you already that some are easy to eliminate, given my age and preferences and previous experiences. I've already taken a safari in Africa, snorkelled over seals and other amphibian wildlife, flown over the volcanoes of Hawaii, kept my distance from nasty crocodiles, and so on.  I do want to see the Great Wall of China again, as the first time was not Great. But I have been amazed and beguiled by the memories that surfaced as I read of the exploits available to me, and also not available.  I tell you right now, if you didn't already know it, that my travelblog will be geared to the speed of a cautionary, aging slowpoke.  

I have no intention of walking on a suspension bridge high above a valley floor, nor do I want to career down a mountain path on any kind of vehicle. I'm not too fond of gondolas, either, the suspense kind not the Venice kind. On the other hand, I'm game for strange foods and taste sensations and I will most certainly come of age in Samoa. 

hat is, if we get there.  I'll keep you posted.