Happy December First

Whoa! (As oppsed to Wow!)

 Another first, the last of the year. I would hazard a guess that women are more likely to think about comparisons and numbers : this time last year; this is the fourth year in our new house; where will we be next year?  My mother was very good at watching other people work, and making comments. (I'm working on it.)  Latterly, after Bill had died, and my father, every year when I took down the Christmas tree, Mom would say brightly, "Well, I wonder who'll be gone this time next year?"

You can't help but remember.  Time and events are so inexorable and so irretrievable. A bright, callous question  like my mother's does, in fact, make one pause and cherish the present. Whatever is past, whatever the future holds, we have now. Cherish the moment.

Is that a way to start the month? (And end the year?)