28 days

There is a saying that it takes 28 days to break a habit  Sandra Bullock starred in a film called "27 Days" playing an alcoholic who needed 27 days to wean her from the booze.  I haven't gone swimming now for 12 days and I'm going crazy.  Sure it's nice to sleep in - don't sleep but I read and write (and empty the dishwasher), but last night i stayed  up till 3 a.m. because I didn't have to get up to swim.  So today was (almost) shot.  Not quite, because today is New York Times day.  But I need my swimming schedule; it keeps me in line.  

I'm not disciplined.  I have to impose rules and regulations and rituals and routines so that I can get through the day.  I think I must get up tomorrow and go ahead and have a shower in the changing room as if I were going to swim. Maybe that will help.

I've had extra time to think - of course, that's not true, because I think while I swim.  Well, I'm still thinking about my Book.  And I think I need to write another chapter. Not such a bad idea, because as long as I keep writing I won't get too panicky about finding a publisher.  Or an agent. All my contacts have retired or died. 

Persistence will get you nowhere, not if people don't answer their mail. Not even in 28 days. I think they've broken the habit of letter-writing, not to say courtesy.