I finished the extra chapter I realized I had to write. My timing is all wrong. I should be working on Christmas now instead of trying to squeeze it in.  We keep on making choices, don't we? I try to plan and budget each day, to get everything done, but the one thing I can't budget is my energy.  After a while I run dry.  Well, no one wants to hear all that.  The good news is that I've finished, sort of. I've already discussed sort of, so I won't go into that again.  Anyway, I have to read it now - that is, tomorrow - and see what I've said. Not just the chapter but the whole book.

I've always said it takes much longer not to write something than to write it. 

And then the marketing, oh, that's where the time comes in, trying to find the audience. I guess it will be easier with electronic publishing. I'm the one who has to learn.  Ah, well, tomorrow is another day.  And so is Monday.

This is a ridiculous blog, so I'll stop.