what's the magic word?

I'm obsessing with  passwords.  I'm having a terrible time with them - with me.  I go blank a lot, forgetting my magic words or symbols that open my possibilities. There are certain connections I cannot seem to make.  When I started to write down a few passwords I thought a little notebook would be sufficient, but then I had to change or correct some and then some companies didn't remember when I changed or kept both of my identifiers and confused us both.  A dear friend gave me an address book and that helps, although my bank refused to remember my new password and kept making me change it, so there is a whole page of scribbled-out passwords until we both finally got one to stick.  Just last week I got so mad at one connection that either couldn't remember me or repeatedly refused me (my fault, I'm sure) that I finally wrote a password that stuck, for both of us: Feb83lardass.  It won't do you any good to try to access me with that; It got censored.  

I notice that Daytimer's that sell all the neat stuff for getting organized, has a new password notebook. Isn't it marvellous how designers keep up with the trends in peoples' needs? There are items that didn't exist a few years ago, like the clear plastic bags that hold your (small sizes)  toiletries now so that airline scanners will let you on the plane. I use a Ziplok sandwich bag. 

I'm not reconciled with passwords. It's a stand-off position.  There must be some other way and I'm sure "they" are working on it. I rather like the idea of having my eyeballs scanned, something like that.  But then, with all the places we go now and the contacts we have to make,  it might be very hard on the eyes.  At one time I thought it would be a good idea to tattoo a password on a baby's heel to provide a lifetime identifier.  But then, some babies don't stay in the country they are born in, so they'd need an area code, and there are always new contacts that require more complicated sequences of numbers and letters .  I don't think anyone's heel is big enough to accommodate all that.  

I keep thinking of Ali Baba and how simple it was for him: all he had to remember was "Open Sesame" and the treasures were his.

Life just isn't like that any more, if it ever was.