you tell me your dream

I usually forget my REM the moment I open my eyes: CLICK, and the dream is gone  But this morning it lingered with me and I know enough about dream analysis to figure out what's going on. Years ago I took a couple of courses in Jungian dream analysis and joined a dream group (four people including me) for a while, to help me get on with my life after my husband's death.  My dreams at that time all boiled down to obstacle courses, presented in many different ways.  The mind is a basic punster. Yes, I know all about Nobel Laureate Crick (double helix) who denigrated dream analysis and stated the obvious fact that dreams are just a clearing out of the detritus of the day. But there's still something there that sometimes has to be dealt with or at least recognized. 

I dreamed I was taking care of a baby (lots of preamble, including a celebratory church (possibly ) service. I had to change it before a party after the ceremonies.  It had a full load and I had to get it cleaned up and back before the festivities started.  But I was in a hotel room and the toilet had stopped up- water all over the floor. I threw down towels to sop up the mess, but I had no water to clean the infant - and I had a plane to catch. I think the father was Tom Selleck or looked like him, possibly my lover, not sure of that.  Anyway, I left him at the party. I was about to call room service for a pail and more towels when I woke up and didn't click off.  I was a bit vague about what I was doing for a few minutes, looking for a pail.

Okay. I remember babies mean new work, a new project. That's my book.  The full load is my product, something I have to work on to clean up.  The plane to catch, of course, is not only the deadline for my book I must finish but also for the trip. And the difficulties are my activities right now. I'm doing too much other stuff.  I'm cooking for people (today, a high tea birthday party for a friend) and doing too many other things when I should be writing that new chapter. 

"Oh for a holiday in a complete vac-u- um!" Remember that line from The Lady's Not For Burning? Well, today will be no vacuum for me.  

How is your day?