In my attempts to prepare for a six-month absence from home and familiar amenities and services, I have been having check-ups - like getting a car ready for a long trip, or like getting married, that is, in the old days (my time) when a young woman was told she should get everything checked and have her appendix out, too, so as not to incur any unforeseen expenses after she was wed. So I'm having a lot of repair work done, teeth mainly. Even though I  have check-ups every six months, I've been blind-sided by a couple of biggies (read: expensive).  Ah well. At least, I'm not disposable, not yet.  

A few years ago I bought an e-reader because I was going to Johannesburg, flying time over 13 hours, and I couldn't carry that many books.  So I bought a Kobo.  Did you know that Kobo is an anagram for book?  It never occurred to me;  I just read that a few days ago.  Anyway, Book was useful for the trip.  I read several books, and kept on using it until it stopped working. After two or three trips to the store "experts", and several online attempts,  nothing seemed to help it recover.  Finally, the store guru asked me how old it was.  A year and a half. 

"Oh, well," she said,dismissing it.  That old!!

We live in a disposable society where it's easier to throw something away and get a new version.  So far, I am not disposable.  I still have some shelf life. But I'm  beginning to feel like the city of Toronto:  my infrastructure is crumbling.