are you still there?

I really hate paper work.  I've already told you some of my problems with officialdom, and I am grateful, complicated as it makes my life,  that I/we are so protected by these barriers, even when they balk us.  Ai me.

But that's surface. The undercurrent I'm working on is the final approach to my rewrite of my book on aging - mine. As you know by this time I'm a glass half-full person, looking on the bright side, hoping for the best.  But I'm going deeper than I have done and I have to think harder about what I'm doing, what I'm saying. I'm not that smart, A lot more brilliant minds than I have tackled the end of life. What can I add to or subtract from what they have said?

Glass half-full, that's ridiculous, as if there were going to be a happy ending now or later. Define happy, though. Who wants to be immortal?   

See, I'm approaching the Departure Lounge on this journey of life I'm dealing with and I have to come up with a boarding pass. Sorry, that's smart ass, pursuing a meaningless metaphor.  

I'll keep thinking.