to say nothing of today

I'll fill in the blanks later. I hope there is a lot to fill in.

I really am trying to catch up.

Here I am:   I have a lot of tramlines, not the least of which is worrying about whether or not I am going to gain entry to the States tomorrow. I'm trying to rise above the current fussing and think broader thoughts. ... 

Did you know, for example, that people have a baseline level of happiness?  I like that.  I remember reading a long time ago that some people are born sad and I joked and said that's was because they had blue genes.  But it's nicer to focus on the happiness mind-set, and nicer to think that it's something like a thermostat and you could set it at a higher level. 

I looked it up, of course.  (Google knows everything.) And yes, you can reset your happiness thermostat. You just have to set your mind to it - I guess that's where the term mind-set comes in.  The key phrase now is "mindfulness meditation."  But laughing is good. 

My husband always made me laugh. I never knew what he was going to say next, even after 20 years (not long enough!) with him.  Once, when were all early-marrieds, the question was posed and put to everyone round the room. "Why did you marry?"  Bill's answer was "For laughs."

 I can still get a laugh from a quip he made, lo, these 40-some years ago. I don't mean to put him on a pedestal. It's an uncomfortable position for anyone to maintain for any length of time, or for anyone to emulate.  I mean, how do you follow in the footsteps of someone on a pedestal?  But he was funny and his humour somehow made everything  more bearable. 

I'm trying to recall it now. It helps.