First, my comment to  a couple of commenters telling me what their day was like when mine ran to seed - when I ran to seed - and it  is this: I'm impressed. Also humbled.  Your days were far busier and more scattered than mine. I's hard to stay focused, isn't it? Do you find that time goes faster or slower when you have a day like that? For me, it varies. And do you have ups and downs during the day depending on how things are running? Me too. There used to be a popular psycho-babble expression that people said when the pressure was on and things were falling apart, that one experienced an "identity crisis". Not very often. But now, I frequently shift identities and often several times during a fraught day.  It depends, if I'm lucky, on the weather. "Sunshine almost always makes me high". (There goes John Denver again.) That's a good up. But complications that hinder the completion of a task, or gratuitous criticism of a work in progress, or the failure of a new recipe (have you ever cooked bitter melon?  I did, today.) -  any or all of these, plus unforeseen glitches, all, all, all can lead to downers.  Back to the drawing board. Perhaps a new list is in order.  It's a wonder we can keep calm and carry on.

We do though.  Thank you for hanging in there.