blog blahs

Maybe it's that time of year and not only my age but I  keep hitting incredible down times this month, times when I can hardly move, let alone create.  I was brought up to report every night to my father, to justify my existence for the day, to have done something worthwhile or at least interesting. Yesterday I had nothing to report.  Yesterday was a lost day. At least I wrote a blog, finally, after a few days' silence.  Oh dear.  I keep saying life is so inexorable and it is.  One thing I learned, absolute proof of that caution I've been quoting for years:  

"Keep moving or they'll throw a tablecloth over you"

By the end of a day with minimum movement (I didn't even swim, that's how bad I was), I was stiffer than usual.  Today I think I should march a few corridors.  

This is not a blog, it's a bleat. Think of something positive.

Well, I made two soups this week.  One was a fresh mushroom soup.  The other was a beef and barley soup.  Both are soul-restorers. I give a lot of soup away not just because I'm nice but because one pot of soup for a single person is another definition of eternity.  Robert Frost said  "Good fences make good neighbours."  I say "Good soup makes good neighbours."  And it justified my existence this week.  

That's something.