see what I mean?

Tomorrow came and went and here it is another day and a day later. So many things flit by in a day, and more than a few are worth speculating about.  If one were to write down all the thoughts and experiences in a day it would take the entire day, with, of course, fewer thoughts to record, because one would be so busy recording there wouldn't be enough time for all of them . So then maybe there would be time but then that time would be filled.  (I'm doing this deliberately .)  If one were a dedicated recorder of one's own life or of someone else's life then there would be no time to live the life.  Would there?  And then, if one could manage to catch it all, what would become of the software, the material evidence of a life lived?  The potential reader would have to spend his/her entire life absorbing the contents of the life thus lived and recorded and then his/her own life would be subsumed.  Would it be faster if one simply used a camcorder - no, an iPhone, I guess - to record every waking (what about sleeping?) moment of the subject's life? Who would watch the finished product?  How would it finish?  

I'll think about it tomorrow.