more mail

It's not only the recipients of mail who will suffer when the post office is shut down..  For years (again, this is not a new problem; it's just accelerated), for years I have felt sorry for postmen, postwomen, the mail deliverers, walkers all, with sore feet and aching backs.  It's a secret not often divulged, but every once in a while one of them would go mad and start hiding letters in the closet or throwing them in a nearby river - this is an alternative to a time/warp machine more easily accessible to postpersons.  Anyway, that's a method frowned upon by postal authorities.  Is it better to eliminate the post office altogether?  Apparently they think so, whoever they are.  Well, also anyway, that was another reason I kept on writing snail mail letters, to reassure postpeople that they were an essential part of my/our life.  Oh, look, a day without mail is like a day without sunshine.  I'm so old I can remember when there was mail delivery on Saturday and I still resent there not being, especially when I visit my daughter in Boston and she gets mail on Saturday. I'll tell you who else is going to be impacted by the disappearance of the post office: greeting card makers (and writers); stationery purveyors (and artists); an entire section of  our consumer society erased.  I've been buying my better Hasti-Notes (odious term) from the Metropolitan Museum of Art store, really lovely cards called "embellished" and are they ever.  But there, you see?  I admit I order them online but they do have to be delivered. No aching feet or sore backs now.  The future belongs to UPS.