Time flies when you're having a good time, and even when you're not.  I was musing yesterday about how people make assumptions about you based on appearance, age, bias and so on when my errant finger cut me off. That was my blog for the day.  So here's a variation on what I was thinking: I was a fresh, moist widow when someone said to me that a new neighbour had moved in near me and we should be friends because she was a widow, too, as if we were three-year-olds to be shoved together for a play-date. We shared a common denominator, our widowed status, bound to bond us. I was annoyed at the time (anger is a common reaction during the first painful mourning period) but actually, my friend was right.  The new widow and I did have a lot in common as new members of a sad sisterhood.  Assumptions or presumptions are pretty accurate, I guess, like cliches, in common usage because they are true. So I suppose I shouldn't be annoyed when I receive a verbal pat on the head for being pretty sharp - "for my age".  Or not looking too bad - "for my age".  Or having lots of energy - "for my age".  I don't really have lots of energy, for any age. I just jangle along gently now, like Satchell Paige.  Who?  See - you're so young, you don't even know who he was. The awesome fact is, I know a lot for my age BECAUSE of my age.  You might catch up.  All it takes is time.