eating habits

A concern that worried me when I was a kid has returned to bug me.  I've been going to a few blockbusters with my youngest child - no - offspring (young! at 52, but challenged and so a bit  younger).    Anyway, they worry me, apart from all the blocks they bust and who's going to clean up after them, they worry me because no one ever takes time to sleep or eat or go to the bathroom. They're supposed to be human, after all, saving mankind from aliens, wherever or whoever they may be. Maybe our team  all have colostomy bags or bottles, only where would they fit under those spandex tights they wear?  But failing attached bags, how would they get the clothes off in time?  I've read of actors being sewn into tight costumes and taking care not to eat or drink too much the day/night before so they wouldn't have to be un-sewn in case nature calls.  In this case, no matter how eco-minded they are, nature has to stop calling and wait. As for food,  well, detectives and the heroes of mysteries, detective stories, thrillers, but not cosies, I'm happy to say,  these protagonists have very bad eating habits.  It started, perhaps with Mickey Spillane who liked straight Scotch, rare steak, and hot women,  roughly in that order.    I shudder to  think of his cholesterol count. Ian Rankin's hero (CHECK HIS NAME) has appalling eating habits but he keeps trying to drink less with some kind of true brew beer with fewer calories and less kick. (The chalice from the palace is the brew that is true.)  Sue Grafton's heroine, Kinsey Milhone, drinks 'cab'  or 'chard' - both wines, I'm sure,  from California vineyards, and with her it's feast or famine: horrible tuna sandwiches made with stale  bread or else an overdose of fat-laden calories from a local restaurateur, a friend of a friend, who cooks middle-European food, heavy on the sour cream.   Ditto Stephanie  CHECK NAME'S Jewish mother, who cooks up a  storm when her bounty-hunting daughter shows up for comfort food.  The medical forensic detective  Teresa CHECK NAME cooks her own Italian food with great sauces and lots of garlic.  I.A.Warshafsky (CHECK SPELLING)  has eating and drinking habits more like her male counterparts and she's physically strong, too. Is there a co-relation here?  Well, see what I'm getting at?  Not a vitamin pill in a plate-load.  After a rundown like that, off the top of my head, I see that I have to do a little checking, names and spelling.  If only I had a readership, it would save me a lot of research.  Any comments?