now it's the third day

And while I"m at it, let's say thank you for sight.  Last years my cataract lenses got cloudy and I had trouble seeing anything.  I had them laser-scraped and I can see again because what would I do at this stage of my life? I still read to live, and live to read, for that matter.   Is  anyone reading this (is anyone reading this?) old enough to remember The Twilight Zone?  One episode involved a near-sighted man who was very fond of solitude and reading. He worked in a busy bank surrounded by people all day and he could never seem to get enough time to himself. He took to hiding out in the vault to read on his lunch hour. So one day a bomb destroyed the city and he was the only one left alive because the thick walls of the vault protected him. (Never mind about fallout and stuff; we didn't know much then.) Anyway, he was delighted because now he could read  to his heart's and eyes content. But then he tripped over some rubble, fell and his glasses flew off his nose and shattered (that was before plastic lenses, too, I guess). So there he was, all the time in the world and no interruptions and he couldn't see to read.  Is that nemesis or what?  Now that I've told the story and see the flows I wonder why I bothered.  But it has been a cautionary tale to me.  Be careful what you wish for?  Yes, and also be grateful for what you have. Now, what I need is Vision.