thank you

I think I need 36 hours a day to pack in everything I try to do in 24.  It's not that I procrastinate as such;  it's just that there's too much to do and think about.  And I must learn to be more discriminating with  my blog.  It's not a blow-by-blow-blog, or it shouldn't be.   It's what have you learned today, that is, what have I learned today? And what did I learn yesterday? Well, I keep on learning how nice it is to be older.  A while ago I mentioned the benefits of procrastination, that if you leave some things long enough, they don't matter any more, like ironing or mending. As I said, if  you leave them long enough they won't fit anyone you know.  Oh, and what about coupons? I save them carefully until the expiry date and then it's such a relief to toss them.  All that paperwork!  It's quite comforting to file them in the waste paper basket (now called a trash bin, or maybe a shredder).  The trick, of course, is to figure out which things won't matter. Recently I've encountered another do-by-date.  I'm getting offers (by email) to sign up for spectacular offers, ways to save money and lives - my loved ones' lives - great trips, and so on, but only if I'm under 75.  Or,  this offer not good over 80.  Isn't that wonderful?  I don't qualify any more.  What a relief. It's like when someone offers me a seat on the subway. I say thank you, sit down gratefully and comment, "My it's nice to be old."  One of the perks.