a day without a blog is like a day without sunshine

Have you noticed how some days fly faster than others?  Oops,  where did it go? Today is going to be like that. Yesterday certainly was.  But I'm going to catch today on its way by.  This attitude has to do with something I've mentioned before, my father's legacy: I have to justify my existence each day. That sounds grandiose but it doesn't mean I have to save the world, although that would be nice.  It means I have to DO something other than just get through the hours. Note: there are long hours, though often they feel like minutes. Assignment: think of times when minutes seems like hours, or when hours drag by on leaden feet,  like the 2 1/2 hours in the dentist's chair yesterday morning.  Now, that seemed like forever. Yes, well, somehow a blog has come to make me feel as If I have accomplished something,  not the blog but the writing of it. - lines from Caesar. No one will know what that means because no one takes Latin any more and therefore does not know that the assignment for tomorrow is to translate so many lines from Caesar. Caesar didn't write blogs.  Hush.   It's not that my blogs are deathless prose or anything like that.  I guess a blog has become my roll call.  I checked in today,  therefore I am.