hey! another day

A mere six hours later and I'm back at it.  My mother used to say I was like a dog with a bone. It was not a compliment; she found it/me annoying. Anyway, here I am, looking for another bone/blog to chew. I had a wonderful weekend with friends who like to talk as much as I do.  We covered a lot of territory (not ground; that suggests untilled soil and we were working in a seeded area).  (Block that metaphor!)  I learned a few things and came away with a list of information I have to search out. You know the saying that we all stand on the shoulders of giants and should be grateful for what they have done for us.   But we also stand on the shoulders of friends, and they on us.  (It sounds like a human pyramid, or maybe a pretzel.) What have you learned today? I had to make that kind of report to my father every night.  (Oh, dear, two parents in one blog; this is like psychoanalysis.)  It's not onerous to make that kind of assessment. So what have I learned overnight? I think I have learned, am learning, continue to learn, what is important and what is not. It's part of the aging process, I think, and I have just accelerated it for a short time as I drop out and away from some of the daily demands in order to meet my self-assigned deadline. Gradually, or rapidly, you find out what's important and you make choices, even overnight.  Have to go now, my battery is running low.  Anon, anon.