what next?

This is a parable.  (I love parables, which makes me, I guess,  a parabolic thinker.)  I have referred to this tale in one of my books but it's not likely you'll ever see it., so I can repeat it.  Once upon a time there was a poor baker and his wife who were having trouble making a living.  One sad day the baker told his wife that they'd reached the end of their bin. "Tomorrow will be our last day," he said. "We have no money for supplies"  A beggar came along asking for shelter and though the baker and his wife had little spare they took him in and shared what they had with him.   In the morning, the beggar thanked the couple saying before he left, "Whatever you do first, that you will do all day."  There wasn't enough flour to bake bread.  The baker decided they would make a few cookies for a sick little girl down the street. Passers-by were lured into the shop by the fragrant aroma of the cookies.  The baker and his wife were too busy to serve them, so the customers helped  themselves and left money on the counter.  The supply of flour never ran out, nor did the people eager to buy.  By the end of the day, the baker and his wife had enough money to keep their business going.  A rich grocer across the street watched this activity all day wondering what had happened.  He asked the couple for their secret. "No secret," said the baker. "We took a beggar in for the night and in the morning he wished us well and was gone." The grocer decided that he and his wife must find that  beggar and reap a similar reward for their bounty.  They found the ragged man quickly enough and rushed him home for a hasty meal and a bed on the floor.   When the beggar left in the morning, he said to the couple, "Whatever you do first, that you will do all day." And with that he was gone. "Wife," said the grocer, "we have to get ready for all the customers.  You sweep the floor and I'll count the change in the till."  And that's what they did, all day long , unable to stop to serve customers who left in disgust.


I didn't get started right this morning and I remembered that.  What next?