blog yesterday

And blog tomorrow, but never blog today.  That's why I missed yesterday because it was today all day, and I was very busy.  I get the Sunday New York Times and I not only read it I also clip it.  I run a clipping service for a number of people.  I sit down with the NYT armed with scissors, a pen and little bits of paper, torn from the back side of used copy paper- better than an iPhone or iPad because I get the satisfaction of throwing them away when I have performed the imperative thereon, and I use my Latin shorthand, too (e.g. QV, NB) also question marks, but no exclamation marks because I am still trying to give them up.  So, by the end of a quiet Sunday I have reduced the NYT to shreds and my Paper Desk (as opposed to my Computer Desk) is piled with clippings and notes to be followed up on. (Never end a sentence with one preposition when two will do.)  And so - no blog.  Today however, is another day. I opened my balcony this weekend.  It's my summer home.  No plants yet; I'll get those this week.  But the air is lover-ly, and it's still almost yesterday and I'm out here with coffee and my Icelandic vocabulary to study but I had to write a blog first.  There!