what was life before computers?

I have spent the last two days messing around with Rogers and Yahoo.  Among others, who remained nameless, I talked to George, Brian, John and Kevin. Brian was not feeling well and checked out early. I wish I could have.  But my email was not functioning, neither sending nor receiving.  Who knows how many people I offended, especially since I was away last week and the trouble started when I was incommunicado?  We have reached the stage where we take for granted computers, the net, the mailbox and all the convenient concomitant amenities.  I do know, in my more rational moments, that I could not do, could not have done, everything I have achieved without  the computer.  I could never have afforded an amanuensis, a personal assistant, a research expert or a copy editor.  But oy, when thing go wrong and  you are deprived of the services, that's when you (that is, I)  become irrational. I'm still not back in my box (mailbox), so bear with me.  Now would be a good time to write a comment?