when is a blog not a blog?

When it's ajar. You know the letters  people write at Christmas when they report on the year that was. I think they began the custom because they got tired of repeating themselves and word processors/printers made it possible for them to give the news without the tedium of writing the same thing over and over again.  Well, I started writing a seasonal letter every season or so,  at first with a six-month interval, then more frequently if I had something I wanted to say. For a time there, I produced it almost monthly and I called it a generic letter, that is, a one-size- fits-all update. Right now I'm a bit (several months) behind on this personal newsletter, keeping in touch with distant friends.  I also keep a diary, not a deathless document by any means, and less than it was at first. I began it in earnest about eight hours after my husband died so suddenly and it kept me sane. It remains my daily report to myself and keeps my finger on my pulse. And then along comes blog. The trick is to know the difference between these discrete communiqués. They are discreet, too, and comfortable for me to write and you to read. I'm going to sort them all out soon. I just have to keep on filling in the blanks in whatever medium I choose to write, keeping my options open, chief now among them being my blog - open, that is, ajar.