here I am again

Twice in one day, making up for lost days?  I had a review in The Globe and Mail last weekend and published my domain ( in the hope that a few people will check in and read my cobweblogs.  Of course, that means I have to keep writing them.  Stephen Leacock said that there was nothing to writing, you just jotted down what occurred to you.  The jotting was easy, he said, the occurring was hard.  It's like that with blogs. Time, too, taking it, and having the presumption to take it, yours and mine. At any given time, there must be at least three other things you could be usefully occupied doing. Who gave you permission to goof off and write a blog?  It should be food for thought, not chewing gum, not masticating.  Oh, for some real talk!  One of the first lessons a freelance  journalist learns is how to tapdance. I guess, when you come right down to it,  a blog is a small tapdance. Mustn't step on anyone's toes.  Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams