do not resuscitate

How do you feel about that? For yourself?  For your loved one(s)?  I saw AMOUR yesterday.  Everyone says it's a downer. Not. It's a thinker, and high time.  I have a granddaughter who is a doctor, working on her pediatric specialty now, so obviously more concerned with the living than with the dying. I asked her if she would assume  PPC (Power of Personal Care) for me when the time comes, that is, when I can no longer be trusted to make my own decisions or when I am gaga, whichever comes first.  Being a doctor she zeroed in immediately on the key question: "Do you want a DNR order?" she asked.  Yes.  Have you read Albert Brooks's novel, 2030? It's about all the old people who are living too long and depriving younger ones of income and opportunity? We really have to start thinking about that. Also about quality of life. Life goes on, but you don't have to.  Think about it. In the meantime, take good care of yourself.