it's over

Valentine's Day is over.  I read that Migraine and Crisis Centres in North America get more calls on Valentine's Day and the day after than any other time of the year.  That's because, they say, the usual V-Day gifts, apart from diamonds, of course, are red wine, chocolates and cheese, all great triggers of migraine (histamine).  That's the physical cause. Yes, well, what about the emotional cause?  What about wanting to be loved, or at least, appreciated?  Remember when you were a kid your classroom had a Valentine mail box and everyone mailed cards to their "sweethearts"?  Do they still have that? That was when it began, the pain that led ultimately to migraine.  You didn't recognize it as the pain of rejection, not then.  More likely, you felt a pang of envy for the popular kid who got so many declarations of like. I wonder what's happened to him/her?

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