closer and closer

Oh, dear  I have swung from lethargy to inertia with no stops between. It's not as if I'm  that busy, not compared to My Other LIfe.  When I was at Radcliffe (on a fellowship at the Bunting Institute, not the whole four years) I met a man who was researching the amount of work done by men and women.  This was before women had taken the lead as more worked outside the home.  The man claimed that the amount of work/time put in by either sex had to do with which period of their lives they were going through.  He said that, over all, men and women did the same amount of work., but at different times in their lives. I found that hard to believe, and I still do.  You've read the survey results I'm sure, that reveal that men do just as little work inside the home as they always did, and far less than women, whether or not they work outside the home as well. The only clear finding is that less homework is being done altogether and homes are dirtier than they used to be.  I was discussing this the other day with a different point to make  - about living in filth. Now I just want to talk about being tired. I don't have any excuse. I don't have a live-in family, or a living husband.  I'm old, though, and my heart isn't in it any more, hence the lethargy, easy enough to slip into.  As for inertia, according to its physics definition only an external force can cause it to change or move.  I don't seem to have any external forces left. The impetus has to come from me and sometimes I don't feel like it.  The nicest impetus I get every day is the impulse to nap.  Delicioius.  I'll log a few zzzzs before I blog on.