Someone I used to know quite well asked me yesterday why I'm blogging.  HIs question made me remember that he never had a word of praise or encouragement; he always had suggestions for correction or improvement or he would question the value of my actions or the validity of my decisions.  He still does.  I don't go for self-help much but I recommend to you, and to myself, to avoid such "helpful" commentators.  They are nay-sayers and they're not helpful at all. You don't need to have your self-confidence under-mined before you even begin.  Now, having said that, WHY AM I BLOGGING?  It is a good question. I certainly don't need it to sort out my days.  I have my Day-Timer for that.  And I don't need it for assimilation, that is, for taking in, sorting out, and understanding the day's or week's events. I have my diary for that. It keeps me sane. I call it my paper shrink.  I  guess a blog is useful as a writing exercise, but I  receive requests from others for that:

"Would you remind signing this petition and give your reasons."  

"Please write a letter to this or that company and recommend me, or sponsor me, and/or give your reasons for your requests."

 "Please fill out this form and complete our survey, with your comments."

 "Please take the minutes of this meeting."  

"Please submit a report."

 If you can put two words together, you get asked to put them together, for someone else, for a good cause, for free.  So why a blog?  Well, why not?  It's gratuitous. It's your choice. No one's asking you, no one's forcing you; it's your call. You can blather, if  you want. You can let off steam. You can play.  You can just hang around words and see what they say. That's what writers do. I'm going to swim now.  Why? Because I want to.