too much

Oh dear, this is why I went away.  There's too much going on. I'll be back (today) as soon as I can. 

It's still today, just.  I think I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms - withdrawal from my retreat, that is. I'm not full of angst, not really stressed, just busier than I was with several disparate things. I get through as much as I can and then I get sleepy-tired and stop for a while.  

Today on a bus a man tripped over the wheels of a grocery cart belonging to a man sitting down. I don't know which one snarled  first but suddenly they were like cats hissing at each other. When the tripping one moved away, the sitting one shoved the wheels of his buggy against his assailant's legs. (Who was the assailant?)  Then a woman across the aisle told him to behave.  Then another woman a few seats down snapped at someone - who? And here was this mini-war that had broken out in a bus, for heaven's sake.  No, not for heaven's sake.  Were they all stressed?  Very strange.  

Perhaps I am not engaged enough to get so peevish. Perhaps I am too ladylike to yell in public. Most of the time I don't get angry, not stomping, shouting angry.  I get resentful which is not healthy either, because resentment creates a slow burn. I have a friend who unknowingly telegraphs her anger by saying, "it makes me laugh" and then she tells you what insult or injury she has sustained or bad behaviour she has witnessed that makes her laugh. Not ha ha, not jolly laughter, more like rueful - or resentful.  Resentment is not healthy, But neither is skirmishing in a bus. 

Well, so, there goes another day.  Anon, anon. It will be tomorrow very soon.