I've got my blog to keep me warm

I didn't write my blog before I swam this morning.  My swim is like wet meditation and I do get lots of ideas but I also get cold. Now I'm back in bed bundled up, trying to get warm. It's nice to have an excuse to come back to the warmth, curled up around a blog.  I was reading about famous people's websites slash blogs.  Their enthusiasm seems to have begun with Gwynneth Paltrow's successful GOOP, as she calls it.  Apparently she does everything, acting as a travel and restaurant guide, concierge and cook, beauty  and fashion consultant as she names names, provides recipes - not sure if she does bookings. Probably not.  Anyway, she is very popular and other celebs want in or on, as the case may be.  I gather that most do not write their own blogs but say  they "supervise" them.  I wonder what they pay the writer. Their blogs are vehicles and advertisements, not only for themselves but also for the products they recommend.  Oh dear.  So who reads them?  People (girls, women) who want to be like them, I  guess. Do you want to be like Lindsay Lohan?  She has a website.  In her case I suppose it's more like "do as I say",  not "do as I do."  She probably has a clearer agenda than I do. I'm not  trying to convert anyone or sell anything. I think I'm not.  I'm just trying to get warm.