william wolfe-wylie

If you want to see a generation gap in action, check out my grandson's blogs after you've read one of mine.  He is prolific and ubiquitous and I can't understand him. That's the clearest revelation of my age I can think of.  He is, like, plugged into the world. I just muzzy along, tuning into my inner dialogue, trying to make sense of what I think. You know that line, "How do I know what I think until I see what I say?"  That's what writing is for me, seeing what I say.  I have a thought, or a wraith of an idea and I scramble after it, trying to pin it or me down.  It's quite difficult, actually. When I try to read William's thoughts, I get the world on a string, no, not a string, I guess a lifeline, a logline, a direct line?  As another William (Wordsworth) said, "The world is too much with us."  I'm almost at the end of mine and I have (almost) reached saturation point.  I'm sorry.  I see now that my readers, if any, will number in the 2s.  Let me direct you to my progeny.  He really is awesome.