Well, yes, the ambient noise is almost unnoticeable. It's really really quiet. I can hear the gentle tapping of the keys of the keyboard as I write, I can hear my throat as it swallows (tea) and a fly as it bops around inside the lamp shade, surprised to be awake because the unaccustomed warmth of the house roused it. The thermostat, I'm happy to say, is set for the comfort of a stranger (me).  Oh - I hear a car outside, one car. I wonder what it's doing up so early.  Not that early.  It's 10 after 6 and someone must be going to work. This time at home I'm in the pool. I like silence. I like solitude.  These days solitude is relative.  I brought my electronic servants with me so I am not out of touch.  I'm still communicating, sort of, with the outside world.  I mean, I'm  here, aren't I? And so are you, one of you, anyway.  Hello there. Anon, anon.