into every day a little blog must fall

It's presumptuous, really, to expect anyone to read my blog, also crazy.  A blog is NOT like a diary, far far from it.  People used to write diaries as totally private expressions, unless there was a mentor, priest,  or parent to vet them.  Some of the original diaries were assigned  and supervised spiritual exercises or daily reports. Louisa May Alcott's mother used to read her daughter's diaries and write comments in them, too.  But most diarists guarded their privacy and some even developed codes so that their entries could not be deciphered.  Of course, the famous diarist, Pepys, comes to mind with his code, quite easily broken.  But Beatrix Potter had a trickier one to keep her parents from invading her privacy. I'm just saying all this because the attitude is so different now.  Blogs are public diaries. A day without a blog is like a day without sunshine.  Is that true? I treat mine like a writing assignment - oops - so I suppose my readers, if any, are like Louisa May Alcott's mom, ready to critique what i have said. Is that what comments are for?  I'll have to think about that.  I have not signed on to Facebook, I don't Twitter or Tweet; people have put me on LInk but I don't want to be chained down. So why am I writing a blog?  I think because I want to prime the pump. Go to the well.