a glitch in time

It's been a couple of days since I wrote ( not that anyone missed me except me). I had my eyeballs scraped, not exactly the correct medical term, but where once I saw but through a glass, darkly, now I can see my face and oh my, the clarity of the wrinkles is dazzling. Now I now in part what I have been missing: I can read the computer screen without BIG PRINT and I can read my notes without an extra magnifying glass.  This improvement is going to improve my speed and eliminate (some of) my typos, if not the quality of my writing.  So where was I? More important, where was the world when I left off?  As before, halfway between then and now. SOW, I'm reading a recently published book about pataphysics, "A Useless Guide", written by a man and most of, if not quite all of, his references, examples add sources are male. None of them gets it. Neither did Alfred Jarry, the adolescent founder of the science.  I could write a lot, now that I can see what I'm saying, but I'd like to wait and see if anyone out there likes me.