Life is so daily

"Life is so daily," said a character in one of my plays, "why can't I get used to it?" It's not the slings and arrows, the unlooked-for but always present onslaughts of living, it's the inexorable routine.  It keeps surprising me, even after all these years.  Not surprise, of course.  Remember Webster's correction of Mrs. Webster when she caught  him kissing the maid.  Mrs. Webster said, "Mr. Webster, I am surprised."  "No, my dear," said Mr. Webster, I am surprised. You are astonished."  Yes, well, I am astonished  every time I discover that my plants need watering, and in these dry winter days it's every day, like daily. And I don't welcome the daily chore of swallowing a one-a-day or a D-drop vitamin or calcium or whatever.  I mean, daily!  It's too much.  Daily routine is so tedious  but also necessary.  We make enough decisions every day. I guess it's nice that some decisions are taken away from us by regular routine and we perform an action without thinking about it.  It still takes getting used to.  Am I going to get used to writing a blog every day?